Allied Drilling at windfarm Allied Drilling at marina Allied Drilling in forest Allied Drilling in city

Environmental Drilling

Observation Wells
Infiltration Tests
Percolation Tests

Geotechnical Drilling

Geotechnical Borings
Observation Wells
Test Pits
Concrete Coring on land, water and limited access sites

Residential Drilling

Water Well Service
Pump Testing

Commercial Drilling

Geotechnical Boring
Observation Wells
Test Pits
Concrete Coring

in the woods garden pond commercial shopping center drilled core sample
themed object
Geotechnical and Environmental Drilling
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Our Equipment


Truck Mounted Mobile B-61 Drill Rig

Truck Mounted Mobile CME-55 Drill Rig

Truck Mounted Mobile B-56 Drill Rig

Sprague and Henwood Skid Rig

Diedrich D-50 Track Mounted Drill Rig

Diedrich D-50 Skid Mounted Drill Rig

ATV Mounted Drill Rig

Portable One Cylinder Drill Rig

Thin Wall Coring Machines


Water Truck

Dump Truck

Tripod Drill Rig

Air Compressors


Pressure Washers


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